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    Membership is a family thing. Pass it on!


    Who is eligible to join?

    A.  You are eligible to join GPA Credit Union if you are an employee of the Georgia Ports Authority, or if you are one of the following family members of an employee:  spouse, father, mother, minor child or minor grandchild. You can print the Membership Application at our forms section.

    Once a member always a member.  Even if you leave employment at Georgia Ports Authority or retire or move away, you may keep your membership open.  All benefits are available to you as long as you maintain your Master Share account with a minimum $5.00 balance.


    How do I start a membership account?

     A.  To start your membership you must open a Master Share (savings) Account with a deposit of $5.00 which will give you ownership in  GPA Credit Union.


    Once a Member, Always a Member!

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